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Board Meeting
Date: 2014-11-24

Board Meeting
Date: 2015-01-26

Quarterly Meeting
Date: 2015-02-16

Annual Business Excellence Awards - Business Celebration Night
Date: 2015-03-07

Golf Tournament
Date: 2015-09-13

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/_uploaded_files/president-dave-collins.jpg Message from your President Dave Collins

Buy Local Goods and Services – Support Your Town, Your Neighbour and Yourself

I feel passionately that our small businesses are vital to the success of our community. While it’s not always possible to buy local goods and services to meet your needs as a consumer, there are many very good reasons to buy local when you can. Here are some great reasons for buying local;

  • Our locally-owned businesses give character to our community.  We have unique businesses that reflect the quality and individual creativeness of their owners and employees, providing a shopping & dining experience not found anywhere else but Peachland! You will notice that the uniqueness of our storefront merchants brings many visitors to Peachland to shop and dine.
  • Buying goods and services from local merchants fosters community, we are really buying from our neighbours and supporting their endeavours. We are creating social capital – as defined as a community and network of local people that build mutual goodwill through the exchange of services and ideas in our town. That’s one of the reasons why most of us love living in small town Peachland, our sense of community! Do you know the owner of Home Depot? No but many of you well know Tim Stubbert, the owner of our local Ace Hardware, and you are better off for it!  And so it goes with all local business owners you know on a first name basis. This idea leads to my next point,
  • Locally owned businesses support local non-profit service groups fundraising efforts way more than non-local businesses. How much support comes from big box stores outside our town compared to local businesses who care about our community? Answer: not much! Ask anyone you know in a local service group where they get a good deal of support from – our business community!
  • Locally-owned businesses are more likely to keep the money they earn in the community and spend some of that on other local goods and services, enhancing the local economic base, creating more investment.
  • Jobs right here in Peachland, created by local businesses which overall are the largest employer in our community, providing the most jobs to local residents, who are your neighbours.
  • Enjoy better products and services that are customized to suit local tastes and needs provided by local business owner with a better understanding of their marketplace who have the time to get to know their customers. For example I really appreciate how our local IGA offers fresh local produce harvested at peak time versus shopping at a large grocery store offering produce picked well before it’s ready to be eaten.  

Having a thriving local business community is not something to be taken for granted. As Peachland residents, time and time again we have seen businesses come and go that have found it difficult to remain profitable, and so have shut down or moved on. Think Peachland Fitness and Valley First Credit Union most recently, both of those business are missed by many local residents. So when you are in need of a product or service, please take a moment to enquire if that product or service is available right here in Peachland. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out it is!

I often hear from residents how it is difficult to hire a certain kind of local tradesperson or professional or how far you have to go to shop for what you need. If as a resident you strongly feel there is a need for a product or service currently not available please let me know. We put the word out through other chambers of commerce through their members about what opportunities we think we can offer.



Dave Collins.












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